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If you stop and look around Disney Parks you will find  what true magic this place holds.

  • Everyone smiles at the end of Splash Mountain. Stand and watch on the bridge where the logs crash down for a few minutes. No matter how wet you get, you get to the bottom of that Laughing Place actually laughing.
  • Fireworks are enchanting to all ages.  
  • There are few things more heart warming than watching as a child dressed as a princess meeting that princess.You see so much pure joy and fascinated and shock on the small faces of kids meeting their favorite characters in real life. 
  • Singing loudly is stores is allowed. I was in Art of Disney in Downtown Disney singing along with a song from Hercules and a cast member working there was singing as well. We caught each other’s eye and smiled and kept singing. Then “A Whole New World” came on and we each took parts and sang together as I wandered around the store. We got to talking and decided we are starting a band. We discussed how “Hunchback…” is so underrated and the score is so beautiful 
  • Every person will have a personal moment. 
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